A place in the Sun

One of the things that Tsampa Papa and I promised ourselves at the end of October when we sold our income property was that we would take a vacation – now, we know there are all kinds of vacations – you know, the kind that are adventures, the kind that are a cultural excursion, the kind where shopping is the focus or visiting friends or seeing museums, etc.  This on is going to be pure reconnecting with ourselves – the Tsampa family unit.  Basically, we want a vacation where the only clock we follow is the internal kind.  Where the hardest decision you make in a day is what to eat at the buffet – of course, we are talking the pre-packaged all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.

I’m not particular about the spot on these kinds of vacations.  Basically, my requests are pretty simple:

  1. Safe (which rules Mexico out – given all the reports of gang violence that we’ve heard recently)
  2. Decent dairy – Little r loves his cheese and yogurt.  This unfortunately rules Cuba out as well.
  3. Nice beach and family friendly.
  4. Budget friendly.
Tsampa Papa and I have different packing styles to say the least.  He can pack in 30 minutes flat.  I on the other hand mull everything over, like having options and have to start packing in my head about a week ahead.  Now I realize that it’s pretty unrealistic to have to buy everything from scratch so given what I do have, I’ve pulled together some quick ideas on Polyvore.  Sure I’d have to buy a few new pieces but only a few.  Again these are just preliminary thoughts.
Vacation Wardrobe in 7 pieces


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