Potty, Pottermore and more

Oh, stop looking at me like that. All right, all right, it’s been a while. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions – well, colour me contrite and call this an official cobblestone on said road.

Little r has been on a roll with all his accomplishments. Turns out that I have a most verbal little boy with an amazing memory. Did I ever tell you how I got him weaned? Well, one day when he was 22 months old, I sat him down and said, “Little r, you are now a big boy. You used to have chi-chi and now it’s finished. Now you have your homa in a cup like a big boy, okay?” He looked at me and said “Chi chi finished?” and I said, “Yep, finished! All Done!” and he said, “Homa in a cup?” and I said “Yes, that’s right.” and that, as they say, was that. Seriously! No crying, no fussing, nada. Here I was being advised all manner of tactics from smearing on something spicy or bitter to deter him from breast-feeding to drawing a scary picture (well, the picture Kimiko drew was actually cute but whatever – apparently it scared the bejeezus out of her little one) – yeah, didn’t have to use any of that.

Now, he has discovered his sense of humour. The boy clearly has hit his stride. So nowadays, he is constantly making up lyrics to some of your classic nursery rhymes to suit his purposes – “Rockabye Amala” is one. The other one which goes “night night (insert name of child) , night night (insert name of child) , night night (insert name of child) , it’s time to go to sleep” has now become “Get up Rigden, Get up Rigden, Get up Rigden, its time to get some breakfast”! and this is what he sings… at night… when he should be trying to fall asleep… Oy!

There are somethings that send him into gales of laughter for whatever reason. So we do this classically tibetan rhyme called “Agu thebo ro-ro” done in the style of “This little piggy”. For whatever reason, I was just fooling around and said to him “Aghu thebo No-No” and that was it. He finds it hilarious. Couldn’t stop laughing about it for ages!

Anyone who knows Rigden, knows he loves his food – yes, he’s my boy through and through. Well, at present, his favourites are, in no particular order, cupcakes, ice-cream, rice and dal, rice and curry, noodles, and spaghetti and “neat-bols”. He also has the darndest memory. For his second birthday, I made him coconut cupcakes with cream cheese icing, topped with little teddy bears. I pretty much did it for me – to have the pleasure of making something delicious and fun that I knew to have good quality ingredients. Well, he remembers! He totally remembers the cupcakes and that they had teddy bears! I felt SO gratified and rewarded. Next year, heaven help me, I have promised him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Wonder how that will go… hmmmm…

Rigden’s latest hurdles that he is dealing with are potty-training and learning to sleep by himself and sometimes those two are going had in hand. The potty training is going okay. We are doing really well at home but not so well at daycare. Probably due to the fact that at home all the attention of 2 people are going to 1 child as opposed to the daycare having a 1 adult to 5 kids ratio. Anyway, with patience, we will get through it. He is however TOTALLY using this “I gotta go potty” business as an excuse to not go to bed and interact with me. SO not cool. Cut to 2 nights ago, we went to the potty 4 times (count ’em, 4 times) in about 15 minute. Aaagh!! I put a stop to that yesterday but we will see how it goes tonight… (deep breath) that’s me bracing myself!

And now onto Pottermore. For those unobsessed with Harry Potter, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. For the like-minded Potter-heads, I can only squeal “I KNOW!!!”. Pottermore is an online experience for Harry Potter fans. There are going to be back-stories to many characters and an opportunity to adjust the story line and so on for those who may be so inclined. There are also going tobe games and so on but the part that I’m most excited about are the back-stories and the content that got axed at the editing stage. I bet it will add so much richness. So like any good geek, I got all excited at the opportunity to be one of the first people to get a sneak preview and to test the Beta site. I got online on Day 6 of the 7 days where they were giving away these opportunities. I answered the question correctly (“How many chapters are there in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?” 30.). I found the Magic Quill. I got all excited and announced it on my Facebook page and did my little victory dance. And then…. nothing. Never got the welcome email from Pottermore, never got to log on to the website and now I have to wait alongside all the Muggles till October. Bah! I’m annoyed. peeved. crest-fallen.

But you know what will cheer me up? Yarn! Fall is almost here and I don’t think I have ever looked forward to it quite this much. Fall equals new fashion, equals perusing patterns and dreaming up knit, equals shopping for yarn! Currently working on a cowl that I had auctioned off for charity. Just finished little r’s Fall Jacket that will fit him possibly next fall! It’s ginormous! Started Amala’s sweater but then I realized that I better get on that afore-mentioned cowl since someone did pay money for that! I picked a beautiful yarn by Tanis Fibre Arts in their Aran weight (green label). It’s called Stormy and is full of beautiful shades of blue and charcoal.

All right folks, got to get moving. Enjoy your day and remember to breathe.


2 thoughts on “Potty, Pottermore and more

  1. regardless of the fact that you have one post in almost a year, just reading your words is enough for me dear achala.though we haven't been in touch, i'm so glad you're well and enjoying the joys of motherhood with little rigden.try and guess who this is? šŸ˜‰

  2. I know exactly who this is šŸ™‚ The joys of motherhood are immense as is the weight-gain. Will blog on that shortly šŸ™‚ Love you Yangch and what on earth are you doing at that time in the morning!

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