This weekend, I Skyped with my family back home for the first time. It was amazing to see everyone and to talk to them. Pala has completely grey hair now… he did tell me that he was going to stop colouring his hair after Ola got married but the impact of this didn’t hit me till I saw him. Ola had warned me that this had happened but seeing it was…. well, a punch to the gut. You have to understand Pala has been colouring his hair for what feels like ever. He started prematurely greying in his thirties. This just reminds me that we are creatures with limited lifespans and we must make the most of what time we have. That said, I do realize that no matter how vital or young one looks, one could go at any time. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and go before my dad, who don’t get me wrong, looks fantastic. I am always surprised by how surprised I am when I am confronted by mortality. Little r was asleep and he didn’t get to interact with the grandparents but they were really thrilled when I took the laptop to the room and showed them little r fast asleep. They couldn’t get over how tall he’s gotten! I can’t believe it took me this long to do this. I will make a weekly Skype date with them and try to melt the miles (and miles) between us.


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