Little miracles

This year the Tsampa family decided to skip out of town for summerbreak and head to the mid-west. The compromise was that this summer, we would go to attend Tsampapapa’s friend’s wedding and then next Spring, we would go to Jhola Kep and Kana’s wedding. One for him, one for her – peace reigns supreme in the household just the way we like it. Then we found out serendipitiously, we will be missing the G-8/G-20 summit happening in our fair city. What luck! What am I tired of? How about a multi-billion dollar security plan, a “water-feature” that costs over $57,000, security measure practice runs that clog up traffic, shall I go on? Why don’t I just not…. anyway, I’m just glad to have this time to be with family and r-e-l-a-x. I am bummed to miss yet another family reunion that my mother’s side has every summer but I figure I will see everyone next Spring.

So, here we are – we flew out of Buffalo Intl. into Chicago yesterday. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Chicago. When I would think of Chicago in the past, I thought of a grey city with grey buildings, grey weather and the mob in the old days. What I have seen is a beautiful city with great outdoor public spaces, well planned roads, a fabulous waterfront, endless opportunities for culture – museums, planetariums, aquarium, festivals – check, check, check and check, a passionate home crowd for their many sports teams, I could just go on. I have yet to explore the shopping though we did drive down Michigan Avenue with many designer stores where I am convinced they would charge to breathe. If Rigden had been older and able to stay home with a movie or better yet, able to accompany us, I would love to check out the blues and jazz scene. I have to say, I *heart* Chicago! I just wish we had more days to check out this fair city. I guess we’ll just have to make it back for another trip. Maybe I can then visit the shrine of the Mighty Opes – Harpo Studios or is that Harpo City? Next up, cottage country Minnesota style followed by a few days in Minneapolis. Woo Hoo!

In other news, guess who decided to start walking two days before we hit the road? That’s right, WALKING! Little r decided one fine day that he had just about had it with crawling and it wasn’t cutting it so he did the “little frankenstien” over to me – you know how it goes, arms straight out, balance slightly off, coming straight at you – so CUTE! It’s amazing how much better he’s already gotten at walking. He’s already steadier and favours walking over crawling. He’s fallen down so many times and even cut his knee in his endeavours but he keep charging forward. My little conquering hero – defying gravity every day. More little miracles to come – Happy Fathers day to Tsampapapa!


One thought on “Little miracles

  1. Toronto says hello! Sounds like quite the trip and Chicago sounds lovely. Enjoy and will catch up when you get back at the park. Hugs to Rigden, Dolma

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