C is for… CAKE apparently

After a long hiatus brought on by just not having an iota of energy left to blog (little r has been ill…. again. sigh!), I return to the blogosphere with renewed commitment. While I will spare you the details of what was wrong and what pursued (ear infection double-whammy, numerous trips to the doctor + ENT specialist), I will say that little r has been a trouper and is now back to his happy, cheerful, funny little self and we have a couple of milestones to celebtrate. The first as mentioned in the title is the learning of a new word (though to be fair, he seems to remember and forget this one at will) – CAKE. I love that his C word is cake. It just seems right that this child of mine should embrace cake early in life ๐Ÿ™‚
Next milestone: just this last Saturday, little r (wait for it….) walked his first steps! Hurrah! Maybe this means dirty knees and endless worrying about him sticking dirty hands into his mouth are at an end… then again, maybe not. Maybe the dirty knees and clothes and hands are just the modus operandi of a little boy.
Last week was bumper week in much-needed me-time for mama. After over 2 years (yes, you read correctly) of having it in my hot little hands, I finally used the gift certificate to Stillwater spa. This was the exact antidote to my recent spate of stressful days. A massage, a leisurely dip in the jacuzzi, detoxing in the steamroom, a cup of Earl Grey and biscotti and a time to actually peruse a magazine at leisure. Ahhhh! I need to make a habit of this for sure! Then on Friday evening, a few friends met for some drinks and nibblies after which two out of four of us went to watch Sex and the City 2. Now while the movie wasn’t exactly life-altering, it was such fun! Like meeting old friends but with way cooler shoes than your own… and way richer – I mean, who can afford to have an apartment in Manhattan sit empty for days when you need an escape? But I digress. Reality is not an option when you sit down with Carrie and the girls. More than the clothes or shoes in this movie, I was salivating over the interiors that they showed! The richness, colours and sheer over the top opulence of the interiors were fantastic.
Okay, I admit it. I do have home decor on the mind. It all started in February when I sent T a link to this amazing and cheap facelift of a fireplace that I found on the blog, the Lettered Cottage. Hmm… he said, let’s see. I have also been hankering after a new coat of paint in the living/dining area and kitchen. The colour of choice, a nice grey. Amazingly, T seemed open to the idea. So maybe, just maybe, this might actually happen! Plus, now, I’m obsessed with roman blinds and want to do two for the living/dining and one for the bathroom. And the blogosphere is not helping! So many inspiring ladies with amazing projects that they pulled off for what seems like pennies. Must – give – home – facelift – NOW! More to come on this.
I have also been thinking about the afternoon tea that I posted about a little while ago. It’s this Sunday! The options are endless but I think I am going to settle on something savoury and something sweet and leave the other options for future tea parties. I am an endless planner and ditherer when it comes to menus. I love it. It’s half the fun if you ask me! My issue is what was neatly termed by a colleague of mine as “analysis paralysis”, something I suffer from in other facets of my life as well. I like perusing all the options and knowing as much as possible before making a decision. This makes T crazy, especially in restaurants when I spend forever mulling over the menu ๐Ÿ™‚ For this weekend’s party, I am trying not to go overboard. I want to do scones because they are so traditional to a tea party but I am also tempted to do carrot cake. Then for the savoury, it’s between these two tea sandwiches: salami with herbed mayo (zingy) or cucumber with cream cheese (traditional). Also, something else that I tried on little r and is quite delicious is cream cheese and sliced strawberry sandwiches! They are good… trust. Any thoughts? Help me decide!


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