An ode to Lands End Canvas

I love Canada – there’s no two ways about it. I lurve CANADA. This is a country that has adopted me, supported me, allowed me to have a voice (I cast my first vote ever on November 13, 2006 and it was a big day for me) and is generally a great country to call home. What I do HATE about living here however is the ridiculous banking fees (we pay to have them borrow our money and get rich? WTF??), the lack of online shopping and the lousy customer service – this is ofcourse as someone who lived in the US for a few years and was spoiled by the availability of these things. Oh Canada!

I have now found a way around atleast the last two things. Folks, I now have new favourite online store – Lands End Canvas ( The style is J.Crew’ish but their prices are more reasonable. It’s a cooler Gap, it’s a younger Banana Republic. Their clothes are comfortable and elegant and don’t make me feel like a pre-teen poser. They ship to Canada at a reasonable rate, often offer free shipping, we can make returns at our local Sears store that have a Lands End shop and their customer service is unbelievable. Case in point – I purchased one shirt from them – a $22.99 purchase. Imagine my surprise when I receive a card – people, it was hand written! – in the mail saying Thank You, guaranteeing my purchase. I’m sold. Here’re a few selections that I heart.

See why I love them? I guess how could you not. sigh! Lands End Canvas, you had me at Thank You.

Who do you love? Let me hear it!


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