Daycares = germ pits?

These last few days have been hell. Little r finished on Monday the Amoxicillin course that he was prescribed and was recovering nicely when BAM!! out of no where we get side-swiped by round 2. Tuesday morning I notice that he has some sort of rash on his face and his We get a call from the daycare saying that he has a fever and that we should get him asap. Tuesday passes as we worry – the nights are the worst. Little r wants only his mummy and Daddy has to be just happy to pace and worry while not being allowed to even soothe baby. Wednesday we have to schedule an emergency trip to the hospital. The verdict is he has a delayed reaction to penicillin. Plus, he may have an ear infection. Follow up in two days. Great – he does have a reaction to penicillin, now he may also have a throat infection. Jeez!
Monday, we have to go back for yet another follow up visit. Little r has now been fever free for 3 days. Maybe he’ll get a clean bill of health? Fingers crossed. In the meanwhile, the search for a nanny has begun. My boy is not suited for daycare it seems…. sigh!


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