Little r is still adjusting to day care and we are all adjusting to life without grandma to fill in the gaps. The days are going by in a flurry of activity followed by an exhausted crash into bed in the evenings. There is never enough time for everything that needs to be done! This morning, little r howled bloody murder from the outside door of daycare till I left the room – the difference between last week and this:

  • He gets that when we enter day care, he is staying behind
  • No tears – this time he howled in annoyance not heartbreak or fear. After I dropped him off, I doubled back to check on him and there he was, happy as a clam, eating his apple sauce with the other kids. Sweet!

He is now wearing the hell out of his new clothes (his clothes are always new – he grows out of them too fast for them to wear out) as in he looks so damn cute in them. I will post some new picks soon but here’s one of him in his Cookie Monster shirt. I know, so cute.. sigh! When he’s not sick, clingy and tired, he is my happy, sweet and mischeivious boy. This picture captures that side of him and that’s why I love it.

Turns out the reason poor little r had been so unhappy of late was that he had an ear infection. Something we found out when we went to emergency at SickKids hospital last Friday night. The doctor and nurse were so great there. They were quick and thorough and we didn’t have to wait. Little r had to have an x-ray done and was so freaked out by the way he was Hannibal Lecter-ed into that plastic case – do you know what they do to keep kids still for x-rays? No? Well, I finally found a picture on the web so here it is. Not pretty. Rigden just about blew a gasket when he realized he had to be in it. Hopefully, we never have to see the damn thing again.

The verdict- anti-biotics. After some debate over whether drugs should be administered, sanity prevailed and he is now halfway through his course. Because we aren’t giving him any added sugar to anything and his medication tastes like bubble gum, little r actually likes his medicine and I like that he is feeling better. So it’s a win-win in my book!

In other changes, on Monday this week, I got a haircut. Nothing drastic, just about 4 – 6 inches of length gone. I now have a medium length, layered cut thanks to my new mane man (pun intended) JT.

JT is newly arrived from Korea and has been in Toronto just about a year. His english is fairly rudimentary but let me tell you, his way with hair is not. On being asked not to “thin” my hair out with thinning scissors (I hate the way it grows out – all puffy, weird and shaggy), JT instead suggested cutting some hair in the middle band (stay with me on this) at the root – just strategically and just enough to de-pouf hair. Trust me, he said, I am a professional. He may need some help with his english but he had that line down.

Quaking in my seat with visions of patchy hair running amok through my head, I took a deep breath and told him to go ahead. With his super sharp scissors, he took to my hair, cutting here and there. Sometimes I’d see a long strand fly and it took everything in me not to yelp “Stop”. Still, there was something in his confidence (he showed me semi-nunchuck/gunslinger moves with his scissors! Oh, and the look he gave me when I said I was nervous? It spoke volumes in every language out there.) and the care he took in the details that made me stick it out and… voila! I love my new cut. No, I don’t think you understand, I LOVE my new cut. It has put a new spring in my step, makes me want to dress more professionally, makes me feel like a grown up. It says, “Hi, I am a pulled together, grown-up woman who has her stuff figured out”. JT’s haircut did for me mentally, what her new haircut in the Thomas Crown Affair did for Rene Russo’s career (momentarily anyway). So JT, thank you. YOU ROCK!

While we are also on the subject of external changes, let me also talk about this amusing little tidbit. People who know me know that I am a paint-my-nails-and-toes-nothing-other-than-a-nude-shade kind a girl. This Spring, I put that to rest. My toes have now seen Essie’s Tart Deco (a pinky coral) and Sally Hansen’s Insta-dri in Cinna-snap (deepest red). T of course is oblivious to this (he didn’t even notice the haircut!!) but of all people, little r is just fascinated by my brightly coloured toes. He keeps wanting to play with them and, as with everything that he is intrigued by, wanting to put them in his mouth! This is something else that I found has such an effect on how I feel. Amazing how such a little change that most people can’t even see (I still wear close-toed shoes most days) gives you a change in attitude!

In books, I’m on a french kick (those who know me, know that I often go on kicks): French Taste by Laura Calder (a cookbook), Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense and Sensibility by Mireille Guiliano, and a few more books on hold in the library. Some books on style, some books on organization and a book on housekeeping/cleaning (yes,really.). Also, I finally bit the bullet and have ordered a few books I’ve been thinking about: The Happiness Project and The boss of me. My wish list on Amazon continues to grow, rivalled only by my wishlist on Etsy. And to think, I’m Buddhist!


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