This, that and the other

I was so excited when my Cynthia Rowley patterns finally arrived. Remember those? I bought fabric and had all these visions of myself wearing a simple cotton dress with a boyfriend blazer/motorcycle jacket and these oxfords this spring What I failed to do was factor in that:
a) I might have a very limited budget due to daycare expenses and
b)my sewing skills are fairly rudimentary and the dress that I imagined in my head vs. the dress that I sewed might look pretty different.

Cut to a few weeks later, I managed to eke out a few hours a couple of minutes at a time to make my first dress (the last pattern in my post) and…. it was way too big. I measured myself realistically (no sucking in the gut and calculating my waist to be what I would like it to be, etc.) and accordingly made the dress. Yep, I floated in it. Then I thought, no biggie, I’ll just take it in from the side. Not so fast sister – the bust was all floppy and puffy and weird because there is some gathering at the neckline – damn! Must adjust. Still I’m not losing hope. Next time, I know to look at the finished garment measurements and test to see what that might feel like before i start. Next up, another dress in the first CynthiaR pattern on my post, this time in this gorgeous blue crepe that was a steal at Fabricland.

I guess if I were to look at the silver lining on the cloud, it would be that I am not as big as I thought I was!

On that note, holy ass-growth Batman! I have gained 10 lbs since starting work. Note to self: Without little r to heft up and down the stair 10 times a day, no 1 hr. walks, no breast-feeding during the day and sitting for most of 8 hrs a day at work, I can’t eat like I was during pregnancy or mat leave. Actually, I eat worse at work than I do when I am at home. So once the MIL leaves, I am going to go back to eating more sensibly both at home and at work. This means salads for lunch. This means cutting back on sweet stuff. Jeez, I guess I better find some recipes that are at least interesting if not exciting for this to last. Without time to work out regularly, diet is all I can do. The only other thing I can think of is to get a treadmill at home and get T to do baby-duty while I work out for a bit. T would most likely be up for it. hmmm…. decisions, decisions. Can I commit to working out often enough so that the treadmill doesn’t become the world’s most expensive coat rack, taunting me with it’s presence? More to come on this.

More project ideas that I have come across: a mei-tai for me to carry little r around in, a travel sack for his stroller (my innovative friend Kimiko fashioned a wonderful travel sack for her little bean and it looks totally do-able), some more play pants for little r, some more dresses for me – this is going to be the summer of the dress and comfy shoes for me.

I must share that while little r was laid up and I was hanging out with him while he was sleeping, I finally watched Julie & Julia and I really liked it! So much so that it has inspired me to start looking at more French recipes – the key word here is looking. If I actually started cooking, then that would really prove a huge hurdle to the afore-mentioned ass-growth dilemma. What’s a girl to do?


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