baby + first time at day care = colds + clingy kid + exhausted mama

I KNEW IT – I thought it the minute I walked in and I was right. Litte r is sick with a cold and cough. So, sweet Sabine and cute Keiran thank you for sharing your germs with r. This as I understand will be a recurring theme over the next 6 months to year. Sigh! Can’t wait.

After a not so great Day 2 – a whiny 4 hours at daycare ending with r howling in his stroller all the way back home down Queen St. East as I got looks from people who clearly thought I either beat my child for fun or that I couldn’t hear him crying which led to a frustrated mama in tears – Day 3 A.D(After Daycare)dawned on a sick little r. Cold, cough and a little touch of fever – munchkin down – roger that.

We kept him home from daycare under the tender ministrations of grandma as T and I went to work to bring home the bacon. When I hurried home early from work, the poor kid was so exhausted from his cold that all I was greeted with was a little whimper as he slumped back onto a pile of pillows. Poor grandma was so glad to have reinforcements after a day of worrying over the little sicky. All yesterday evening was spent holding little r and trying to get him to drink water and eat something – anything. We are talking about a kid who scarfs down 5 momos after his dinner and a whole orange here. (He takes after his mother I guess – if he’s not eating, it is cause for concern.) I kept wishing he would perk up and scuttle off opening cabinets, toppling books and destroying houseplants. This limp little body clinging to me was a far cry from my energetic bundle of joy.

Today he was feeling a little better and by 10:30 or so, he looked like he was feeling a little bit more upbeat so it was time to get back on the horse – off we went to daycare again, this time with our own germs to share. We’ll see how it goes.


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