Growing pains…

After much wringing of hands and worrying and discussing and researching, T and I finally decided that we should choose daycare as the solution to our childcare needs.

Today was little r’s first day at his daycare centre… sigh! my baby is all grown up. Here’s his little cubby with his jacket and change of clothes and his basket for his diapering things.

We dropped him off this morning, his grandma and I and he was fine. As you can see, he looked like he was having a good time.

We brought him in with the understanding that he was going to be there only till 11:30 or so. As we left, r barely even noticed that we left. Then I call back about an hour and a half later and I am told that he finally did look up from playing and on finding that we were not around, cried and cried till he finally fell asleep exhausted. My heart just broke. My poor little r!

This morning, I left with my heart full of trepidation. There was a little girl with a very big cough and a little boy eating yellow, mucus-y snot along with his cereal at snack time. They would be sharing toys (and germs) with little r. Call me a helicopter mommy but I just wanted to swoop him away at that point. Then I find out how much he cried and how unhappy he was… what is a mother to do? Rationally I know that he needs to socialize, that he will fall ill just like he will scrape his knee and fall down at some point but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be at home with him and take care of all his needs anyway. (Though that would probably make both him and me crazy at some point.) Of course, he had a good nap, woke up, ate a wonderful lunch and went home with grandma who has assured me that he is happy as ever and now playing.

I was vaguely mollified by friends who told me that they had been through similar situations and that it was normal – just vaguely. I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning, let me tell you… *grumble* growing pains suck.. *grumble* (did you think the title referred just to little r?)

I didn’t say this blog would be all sunshine, did I?


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