Good bye chaos, hello New Year!

So, it’s done – and I am exhausted but happy. My living room now looks like a living room, the dining room actually exists, the small bedroom on the second floor is houses our chokhang and the third floor now is a family room where T can watch tv or tool around on the laptop, r can play with his toys and bounce in his Jumperoo and I can sew all in the same space at the same time – amazing, I tell you! The only question remaining is why the hell did we wait so long?

It’s hard to believe but it’s almost a year since r was born. I barely remember life without him and by this I mean the good (in his semi-awake state at 11 pm, r looked up at me with a sleep-drunken smile, said “ma-ma” dissolved into a fit of giggles and fell back to sleep), the bad (on a Monday night, r wakes up and wants to play from 11 pm till 1:30 am – oh, mama was SO not happy about this!) and the ugly. Let’s stop for a second to acknowledge that pre-baby if anyone had told me that I would be this interested in poop, yes, my friends POOP – how the mighty have fallen – I would have laughed them out of town and called the loony bin to let them know that another candidate was own their way over. How often, what colour, shape, consistency, odour and which direction – all of this has been observed discussed and fretted over. For the record, when I ate spinach, r pooped green. When he “ate” edamame, guess what? Poop polka-dotted with edamame, and let me not even get into what MetroDad – see blog list- eloquently calls TAE (total ass explosion). There was a stage when r shot poop up his back all the time. Infact it would shoot so far up his back that hair at the nape of his neck would be poop-stained! Now it just sits there in his diaper, smelly as all hell and ready to drop onto the floor if not wrapped up and diaper genie’d right away. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, a year has passed and my boy is coming up on his first birthday! After a million discussions about should this be just the 4 of us (grandma is in town) or who should make the invitation list, what kind of food we should have, what kind of cake, etc. etc. We finally have a day and time, we’re getting the food catered (hallelujah!) and the cake after much thought is going to be a 9″ carrot cake with cream cheese icing accompanied by cupcakes made with love by yours truly. Which means I am going to put in a full day of baking – the house is going to smell so yummy! More to come!


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