What a difference a year makes!

So over the last weekend, I turned 33. Since it fell on a Saturday, r and I were able to enjoy the deliciousness of having a lie-in and just playing in bed.. peek-a-boo and sucking in air between his four relative new teeth and then blowing air being the games of choice. After a leisurely morning at home, T,r and I decided to go for a walk as it was so lovely outside, crisp and sunny.

At our local library, my book had arrived! The Little Black Dress: How to Make the Perfect One for You. Now, by no means do I have any delusions of grandeur with regards to my sewing skills but this book makes me believe that if I take the time and do the exercises, I too will be able to make a fabulous new LBD! Isn’t that every true fashionista’s dream after all? Another wonderful book to add to my wishlist of crafty books.

On the way back, we stopped off at Starbucks where T & I had some coffee and shared a red velvet cupcake in lieu of birthday cake – r had a small piece and was facinated… a new discovery for his palate. Yum!

After hitting Designer Fabrics for some bias tape for r’s pj sets, dinner was an adults only affair. r was happy being looked after by my mother-in-law. The moon was huge as we walked towards Korea House. We enjoyed delicious Soondobu, Bulgogi and Soon Dae but suffered really poor service. First, they took over 20 mins to get our order. Then no refills on the tea and the water we asked for never surfaced. Then they brought our food but ran out of rice so we had to wait…again! Then they brought rice and 1 glass of water. They were having a really off day. The patrons at the next table over were really letting them have it! T and I did our best to be accomodating and high-tailed out of there.

The thing that struck me most about this birthday is how different it felt. For the first time, I felt like a true “grown-up”. I realize now that in my mind, the word “grown-up” always equated parent, probably because they had the final say in decisions. What of course I didn’t realize was that it also equated sacrifice. Even in making dinner plans, we went back and forth between take-out and actually having an evening out and all through dinner, we were talking about r. Not that this was a huge sacrifice but lets face it – life as we know it has changed. As we follow our bliss, we acknowledge how grateful we are for the blessings in our life, for those that love us and do our best to work out the tangles and navigate pot holes.

Happy February!


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