Spring is in the air

Without fail, every time I have the urge to do two things – organize and craft – I know that Spring must be around the corner!

After a fair bit of thought and consideration, T and I decided that we need to adjust the layout of our furniture and reorganize the rooms in our house to maximize the use out of every room. So yesterday, while I was at work, T and his uncle did the back-breaking work of moving a couch, huge television plus stand and a queen size mattress set to the 3rd Floor, moved a set of bookshelves (which had to be taken apart!) to the ground floor and our chokhang (altar) to the second floor. Even typing this makes my back hurt. As a result, the house is in total and utter chaos. I am talking did-a-bomb-go-off-in-here, tornado-central style mess. The upside is that it gives us a firm push to purge (VHS tapes of old hindi movies anyone?) and organize with many rewards at the end. It may also give us the incentive to tackle that dungeon also known as our basement, which once upon a time, was an organized storage space.

The dream is a third floor we actually use together – a family room that houses the tv, my crafts corner that doubles as a bit of a home office, a play space for r that – a living and dining room where we eat as a family, away from the lure of the tv, a roomier kitchen and a proper mudroom/pantry. Let’s see how it shakes out.

In the meanwhile, crafty thoughts are everywhere. Knitting and sewing projects abound! I am especially inspired by the crafty denizens of the blogosphere. I have discovered all kinds of free goodies (tutorials, wallpaper calendars, recipes) and I can’t get enough! And now, I have discovered the Cynthia Rowley patterns from Simplicity. love, Love, LOVE!

I intend to order and try them. Even though it is so expensive to sew your own clothes (how crazy is that for a thought?), I love the idea and the process of it. Choosing the design, picking the fabric and the trim and then waiting for the final garment. This time in Nepal, I was able to do that for my chubas and honjus but to be able to do that for myself is the ultimate goal. Also, when I got home of Friday this was waiting for me.

A pattern that I ordered from Etsy for a wrap dress. This will be my next project after I am done with r’s pj sets and I have just the mill-end bargain fabric in my stash for it! Speaking of the pj set, which consists of a pair of pajamas and a little kimono top, I should acknowledge that I got them both from tutorials off the web, so many thanks to habitual.wordpress.com and rookiemoms.com. So, the sooner I get organized, the sooner I can craft. On that note, I better get going.


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